2 comments on “Improving the Darkmoon Faire: More games, high scores, and Darkmoon VIP Cards

  1. I think there would have be a steeeeep price on the VIP cards, which means only players with gold or who played a lot already would get them. Which kind of defeats the purpose of getting people to play more.

    I’m not a fair goer, I found the place fascinating to look at and tinker around with, but it isn’t something I do often, so I’m no expert XD but those ideas sound really good

    • Thanks for the feedback. As you might have guessed, I don’t usually have the time to play daily, which is why I’d like this type of change. I definitely wouldn’t want them so expensive that people couldn’t use them.

      Maybe it could be simplified to awarding you a Darkmoon VIP Card each time you beat a specific score in a game. If we assume you’re really good and RNG never goes against you, it means each time you use a VIP Card you earn one back as well.

      If you place the threshold at the right spot, you could have people who’ve figured out how to perform well in the games usually getting another card, but sometimes not. This will still force them to sometimes run out. I’ll have to think about it more!

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