Classic Dungeons

Dungeons and Raids

Red dates mean it was after the content was no longer current – another raid or major content patch was released.

Location Date Completed Patch Completed
Ragefire Chasm (Original) 10/15/08 (H) 3.0.2
Ragefire Chasm (Redesigned) See Mists of Pandaria N/A
Wailing Caverns 11/15/08 (H and A) 3.0.3
Shadowfang Keep 10/15/08 (H) 3.0.2
Shadowfang Keep (Redesigned) See Cataclysm N/A
Deadmines (Original) 11/22/08 (H and A) 3.0.3
Deadmines (Redesigned) See Cataclysm N/A
Blackfathom Deeps 11/22/08 (H and A) 3.0.3
Blackfathom Deeps (Redesigned) See Warlords of Draenor N/A
Stormwind Stockade (Original) 9/1/09 (H) 3.2.0
Stormwind Stockade (Redesigned) See Cataclysm N/A
Razorfen Kraul 10/15/08 (H and A) 3.0.2
Razorfen Kraul (Redesigned) See Warlords of Draenor N/A
Gnomeregan 11/22/08 (H and A) 3.0.3
Razorfen Downs 6/25/09 (H and A) 3.1.3
Razorfen Downs (Redesigned) See Warlords of Draenor N/A
Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard 8/13/09 (H) 3.2.0
Scarlet Monastery: Library 8/13/09 (H) 3.2.0
Scarlet Monastery: Armory 8/13/09 (H) 3.2.0
Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral 8/13/09 (H) 3.2.0
Scarlet Halls See Mists of Pandaria N/A
Scarlet Monastery See Mists of Pandaria N/A
Uldaman 10/15/08 (H and A) 3.0.2
Zul’Farrak 11/28/08 (H and A) 3.0.3
Temple of Atal’Hakkar 9/7/09 (H and A) 3.2.0
Blackrock Depths 10/24/09 (H) 3.2.2
Blackrock Depths – Detention Block 2014 (H and A) 5.4
Blackrock Depths – Upper City 5/31/14 (H and A) 5.4
Lower Blackrock Spire 10/4/09 (H) 3.2.2
Stratholme (Original) 2/25/10 (H) 3.3.2
Stratholme: Main Gate See Cataclysm N/A
Stratholme: Service Entrance See Cataclysm N/A
Scholomance (Original) 11/22/10 (H) 4.0.3
Scholomance (Redesigned) See Mists of Pandaria N/A
Upper Blackrock Spire 9/6/09 (H) 3.2.0
Upper Blackrock Spire (Redesigned) See Warlords of Draenor N/A
Maraudon 1/4/09 (H and A) 3.0.3
Dire Maul 8/10/13 (H and A) 5.3
Classic Dungeonmaster 8/10/13 5.3

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