2 comments on “Just a moment… Almost… Yes!

  1. Damn I hate Kulle, he totally ruined Act II for me.

    this is the story I walked away with from ACT II:

    Adria: We need the Black Soulstone to defeat the bad demon for this Act.
    Player: Ok where is it?
    Adria: I do not know, but we can get the information from a head of a wizard.
    Player: Ok that sounds easy, one little dungeon

    Back at base

    Adria: alright, lets get this head talking
    Kulle: sup, I’m evil.
    Adria: Do you know where the Black Soulstone is?
    Kulle: yes.
    Adria: then tell us.
    Kulle: No, I’m not helping you unless I get my body back, by the way I’m evil
    Player: Ok what do you need?
    Kulle: I require two vials of my blood.
    Player: where are they?
    Kulle: In two different dungeons, in the dessert.

    Adventure time!

    Player: Ok I have the vials of blood, now what?
    Kulle: I need you to take them to my lair, my evil lair…in the dessert
    Player: Fine.

    More Adventure time!

    Player: Ok I crawled through this dungeon, at the place for ritual. Are you ready?
    Kulle: No. I need you to poor my blood on two machines.
    Player: Let me guest, these machines are in-
    Kulle: -In two different dungeons, that’s right. Did I mention I was evil yet?

    Even More Adventure time!

    Player: Alright I have activated these machines, now can we get-
    Kulle: I demand for you to get my body back
    Player: Your body, where is-
    Kulle: -in a third dungeon.

    Shadow Realm Adventure time

    Player: I have done everything you asked for, lets bring this old guy back
    Kulle: “At last, after ten thousand years I’m free! It’s time to-”
    Player: -to get us that Black Soulstone.
    Kulle: Alright, just follow me into the separate room

    Enters battle arena

    Kulle: Surprise! I’m evil, and after you have done all these great things for me I’m going to turn on you and become the boss for this area. Surprised huh?
    Player: No. not surprised at all. Let me vent some much needed anger about this whole side-quest out on your newly-reincarnated-no-need-to-thank-me-body.

    Retrieves Black Soulstone.

    Leah/Adria/Tyrael: OMG who would have guested that this clearly evil wizard betray us?!

    • Yeah, he really wanted everyone to know how evil he was. It would have been far more interesting if he ended up one of those admittedly overused the-ends-justifies-the-means characters willing to commit terrible evils to save the world. That might not be very original, but it would have been more complex than this guy reminding us that he’s evil every couple minutes.

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