3 comments on “Patch 5.0.4

  1. Congrats on the soon to be 100000th honorable kill!

    The achievement sharing is nice, but for me this is the patch that lets me ride my rare mounts on any character I want (I don’t have to go through the terrible SK-hall grind to get that beautiful mount on my druid alt!)

    • That’s definitely true! If you look in my screenshot, you’ll see I’m standing near Jaina. I had logged in recently just to go see her in Theramore since I never had. My girlfriend pointed out that I could mount since I was above level 20, but she didn’t realize that I hadn’t played this character since early Vanilla so actually only had 1 gold.

      Now that character has mount access :)

      Everything about the account-wide changes has been positive to me. I’m very excited. For me personally, because I’m so very close to the 100,000 HKs it means I can now learn to PVP on alts. I’ve always avoided that because I wanted to keep adding towards my goal. I can’t wait to get home and play!

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