5 comments on “Double progression: Megaera and Ji-Kun killed

    • My first time in LFR, I wanted to get a screenshot of something after I killed Ji-Kun. And then I touched that stupid portal. :(

      • I always enjoy reading these over my morning cup of coffee but half the time I almost spit it out in surprise when I read how many attempts some of these bosses take us lol. 22 wipes on Meg!?! Crazy.

      • Yeah, 22 wipes surprised me too actually. But it still didn’t take us too long. Going faster would always be great, but it was two weeks since we killed Tortos, and that’s not too bad all things considered. I think Durumu should go down fairly quick as well (at least judging from our attempts).

  1. I appreciate the updates on your raid progression, you guys are right on track with where my raid is so it’s interesting and useful to compare the two runs. We got Meg down a few weeks ago but didn’t really have any pulls on Ji-Kun until last week, I think we had 5 total wipes until then (combination of getting Meg down late in runs, taking too long on JK trash due to too much stupid and having to cancel progression nights due to attendance issues).

    We ended up getting JK down after about 10-12 total wipes, not as quickly as you guys but we also had dozens of puddles vs the 9 or so you seem to have in your kill shot (were you soaking / eating a lot of them or was your kill just that quick?). We probably got Meg in the 20 or so attempt range, too.

    We’ve only had a few pulls on Dorumu since that JK kill, same night, will hopefully get more later this week if we can get JK down again. Had more issues with the beams than we expected (about half of us got it right off, about half… well, not so much and the struggle continues) but the maze wasn’t much of an issue, we’ve all done it too many times on LFR. Chances are he’ll go down sooner than later once we stop losing people during the beam phases or by being punted off.

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