3 comments on “Throne of Thunder progression, 7/9 and 7/10

  1. That’s an impressive week. :) My raid got Dur and Prim down this past week for the first but we stalled on DA, we still have to tweak our strat a bit, we’re losing people in the early stage unnecessarily. We’ll figure it out soon enough.

    Based on this week’s result I’m expecting to hear that you got IQ and Consorts down next week. ;)

    • Yep, IQ and Consorts! :)

      I think the biggest thing we changed to get rapid progression was the realization that we were limited by execution, not gear. Once we began to extend lockouts to get more practice, we saw increased progression.

      Dark Animus is a confusing fight. For me it was one of those fights where I did what I was told, but I wasn’t exactly sure why. I can do that, but I dislike it.

      • The “once Durmumu goes down the next 4 are cake” theory proven yet again. :)

        Yeah, i got my first ever DA kill as a fill-in with another raid, I spent almost the first 3 minutes just standing there getting poked until they yelled at me in vent to move my mob over to the Massive, then I dpsed the boss for 30 seconds until he died. I’m only now actually finding out what we actually did that attempt, now that my normal group has gotten there. We’re just not handling the swap mechanic well, ending up with smalls linked to other smalls while following us to our swap spots. We’ll figure it out, the main problem is that our RL keeps making major changes to the strat every attempt where we really only need minor positioning tweaks (“Okay, let’s try it with 2 massives this time!” Sigh…). IQ and Consorts both look pretty simple even on normal so I don’t expect them to take more than a week or two.

        We also aren’t locking out, we raid about 5 hours a week over 2 nights so we get, at best, about 10 pulls a week on progression fights by wiping too much on earlier bosses (stupid Meg is still a continuing issue even after 8 or so kills), if we could ever actually get them all on farm it would improve that situation greatly… I don’t personally like locking out and since we don’t even know when 5.4 is coming out I’m in no great hurry to start that discussion although I would like to get LS down before 5.4 hits even if it does require locking out for a week or two, gear is DEFINITELY not our issue.

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