8 comments on “How much does LFR help?

  1. Personally, I stopped running LFR on my main once there weren’t any SIGNIFICANT upgrades to get (recently finished the legendary collections and got an OH weapon)… I have 2pc i522 tier and i522+ pieces in the other 3 slots so while 4pc i502 tier might be a very, very small upgrade it’s not worth farming LFR for, either I’ll eventually get the normal mode tier pieces or 5.4 will come out and it won’t matter.

    LFR used to be pretty good for capping VP but I care about that less these days, not really much I can do with VP and it’s easier / more relaxing to cap with Island rares or heroic scenarios or even the daily heroic 5-man, been a while since I had one of those take more than 15m and queue times have been quite short.

    Now I just run LFR on alts… for FUN (well, as fun as it can be… with friends, mostly mocking the noobs &/or each other in party chat) or for toons that can get significant upgrades from it that I want to slowly gear up.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Right now what I do is raid two nights per week on main. On two characters I do LFR wings that drop tier that’s still needed, Battlefield: Barrens, and enough dailies to earn 50 lesser charms. I try to do the world bosses if I see groups forming, but I don’t sweat it.

      I think I might try to drop LFR. I’m trying to cut more of WoW out of my life to free up time, but at the same time, there’s a nagging feeling of obligation.

      • Meh. The minute you recognize that a motivation to do something is obligation, and if it isn’t a REQUIRED obligation that you’ve previously signed on for (“Thou Shalt Cap VP On Thine Main Weekly,” So Sayeth Thine Raid Group), give yourself the leeway to log out or do something else in-game that’s less grindy or annoying (or more grindy or annoying, if that’s to your taste… I find the Barrens grind to be quite enjoyable when I’m in the mood for some mindless slaughter). It’s healthier that way.

      • Unless you specifically enjoy it, you should cut out Battlefield: Barrens first. Heroic Scenarios give much, much faster valor and can easily be chain run. You can also consider running only specific parts of LFR.

        Also, Golden Lotus and Isle of Thunder PvP dailies are the fastest ones to get Charms if you’re curious.

      • I only run the LFR wings for tier pieces that I haven’t yet obtained.

        I prefer Battlefield: Barrens because I can simply fly above the commander reading a book or watching TV and then tag him when he’s low. I’m a bit of a freeloader =/

        I don’t usually worry about valor capping. I do Golden Lotus dailies just for the lesser charms at your previous suggestion. It really changed things for me honestly. It feels a bit grindy, but when I actually timed it, it’s pretty short!

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