One comment on “Community Blog Topic: Would you play on an expansion specific server?

  1. Yeah, I think there are legitimately a lot of folks who believe they want those servers and I legitimately believe that 98% of them wouldn’t last a week.

    Either I think players underestimate just how much the conveniences of today improve the WoW experience or they, for some reason, think that they’ll still get those conveniences on a retro server. What would be the benefit of a BC server if you have all current conveniences? Just XP lock your toon at 70 on the current live server, not sure how that would differ.

    Can you imagine anyone currently playing the game going back to a “3 months to 60” leveling pace? End-game that consisted of grinding mobs? Where 10g was a LOT OF MONEY. Where it took 2 months to save up for a mount. Where you don’t get a mount until level 40. Where the best gear you can reasonably get is BLUE (or maybe GREEN). Where it could take you 3 days to put a group together, just to fall apart because nobody remembers how to CC? Tanks that have almost no AoE theat abilities. Healers with spell ranks. Warriors wearing cloth for itemization purposes.

    I’m making myself nauseous just making that list and it’s not even close to done. That’ll do, though. I just can’t imagine anyone would actually want that. They may THINK they do, but I think they’re wrong.

    On the other hand, I’d love for Blizzard to put together a “Put Up or Shut Up” kickstarter for retro servers… set a minimum number of players to make each viable (I would think 10K would be a good number) and set the price commitments at a 12mth subscription. Offer them as completely separate spin-offs of WoW with separate accounts (WoW: Vanilla, WoW: BC, etc) and be VERY clear that they’ll be getting the game as it was, or at least as close as they’re able to make it.

    I’d be really interested to see what actual interest people have when there’s more than just forum trolling involved. No, I don’t think many are intending to troll but that’s basically what they’re doing, pushing for something that nobody would actually want.

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