6 comments on “Extremely excited for Warlords of Draenor

  1. Heh. I’m with you about updated character models, I’m more happy they’re coming just so people will stop talking about them. The only time I actually see my character in any real way is on the character selection screen, the rest of the time I’m staring at the back of their heads. For me, the perk will hopefully be that other characters (PC and NPC alike) will look better, I’m far less concerned about my own toons.

    I find the boosted 90 discussion interesting, the general tone that I’ve seen in the past is “once you’ve leveled 8 toons to max why would you want to level a 9th?” Thing is, I have way more than 8 max level toons… one of the reasons that I do is because I enjoy leveling/questing, sometimes I’m in the mood for exactly that type of content. Based on that argument I’m the prime demographic for a free 90 (and by extension, paid 90s) but at least in my case, I probably won’t partake… I’ll likely end up putting the 90 on a new server to give myself more cross-server options for inviting friends over assuming that connected realms don’t completely flatten all realm populations. I liked how Blizzard presented it in the various discussions, kind of a “If someone’s coming to the game and wants to get into current content quickly, they’ll have that option. If existing players want another current content toon in a hurry, they’ll have that option. Anyone who wants to level the normal way will still have that option, though.” Any “who the hell would want to level another toon?” responses I’ve seen to those comments are misguided and silly, no better than the majority of trade chat comments. I’d much prefer to see the far more specific, and probably accurate, “If that’s an option I’ll never level another toon again!” comment that isn’t pretending to speak for 7.6M players. Awesome! Go buy your 90s and help subsidize my content. I’m all for it! Last thing I need is you competing with me for mobs and nodes, I like leveling but waiting 15m for a quest mob spawn is the opposite of fun (looking at you, Gava’xi, you slow spawning jerk…). Buy all the 90s you want!

    • Yeah, people always get angry over silly things in this game I think. Personally, boosting to 90 and leveling characters are kind of separate. I’ll boost a character to 90, and if I get him to 100, that gives another raiding option. But then when I want to go do more questing, I’ll switch to a different character and level. Personally, I like seeing the quests.

  2. I agree that I don’t really care about the character models, but whatever. That said…

    “I do feel bad for current 10-man heroic guilds, but it won’t be my problem at least.”


    • You’re in a 10-man heroic guild currently, right? I believe you blogged about this change as well. I’d love for you to post about what you guys do, because I am curious. I have a good friend (my former roommate) who’s also in a 10-man heroic guild, and he’s not sure what he’s going to do. Not a good situation.

      • I lead a 10H guild currently, so it’s *really* fun for me.

        I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet either. Probably finish progression first so we’re in a better position to recruit. The “good” news is that we’re very high ranked within the 2 night a week raiding community and we raid on unusual days so we have less to fear from poaching…but the bad news is we need to find people who only want to raid twice a week and who want to raid on our days (Sun/Mon).

        Probably going to start recruiting once Garrosh is down — going to mean people will have to sit 50-60% of the time as we get closer to the need 25 people instead of 12-13. Might wind up being able to field two raids IF Siege gets a huge nerf like Dragon Soul — otherwise I don’t think we’d have two raids capable of clearing full heroic.

        So it’s going to suck for everyone because we’ll all have to sit a ton, it’s going to suck for myself because I’ll probably need to add another officer or two (have one and myself at the moment), and it’s really going to suck for me because I’m going to have to juggle a 25 man roster with all of the churn and constant recruitment that entails.

        Basically precisely what I was trying to avoid by going 10 man.

    • 10H RLs are going to be hit the hardest of anyone with these changes, absolutely, but I think the upside is that it should be significantly easier to get to and maintain a roster in WoD than at any previous time in the game’s history. With connected realms incoming (assuming your server isn’t already huge) the local talent pool should increase over the next 6 months and players from smaller servers may be anxious to hook in with a talented, successful progression raid. Flex being available (even at a significantly lower difficulty) is an option for bringing in recruits to compare against your full core of 10 players in legitimate content and see how they stand up. Once you’ve completed the content (or sooner!) some of your raiders may be looking to take a break or shift to a more part-time schedule, that’s been my experience with heroic raiding in the past, so you should have some openings for recruits without having to significantly inconvenience your core, they might actually welcome it. It does make for more scheduling hassles for the RL but isn’t that always the case at this point in the expansion lifecycle?

      And in WoD, having a larger than 20 roster will be less of an issue than it is now, you’ll be able to bring your bench for Heroic (Normal) flex runs on a separate lockout to learn the strategy and cut down on the learning/explanations that are required now. It has a strong potential to make Mythic a better experience than it is now.

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