3 comments on “Jademist Dancer found

  1. Grats on that. I don’t play woW but it’s these fun low percentage chance drops that make killing mobs at least enticing if not always fun. I don’t think mini pets even drop off GW2 mobs – it’s all cash shop. A lot of the ‘just one more pull’ incentive has been killed by the cash shop. The most recent victim – unidentified dies, which were potential great sellers on the AH if it was a rare dye. City clothes? All cash shop. I just sort if realized from reading your post how much the FTPness of GW2 affects my enjoyment of the levelling/grinding game.

    • That’s too bad =/ I’ve never played GW2, but I wanted to play it. I played the original (Prophecies) but didn’t finish. As I usually get into the story, I didn’t want to play 2 until I at least finished Prophecies. Too many games to play though! I was particularly excited about the inclusion of charr as a playable race.

      There weren’t pet drops in the first game, were there? As far as I remember, they were only from anniversaries, but I obviously didn’t reach the end of the game.

      • I don’t know about gw1. Just started to play it a couple months before gw2 came out, but I think you are correct – mini pets were anniversary and cash shop items. That game was such its own creature that it sort of fell into another category so I didn’t miss the lack of really really rare drops while going thru the campaigns. Gw2 is great – don’t get me wrong – but it’s so much like the formulaic MMO that when I read your post I couldn’t help but think of that one thing that would keep me coming back.

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