3 comments on “Oregorger and Beastlord Darmac have fallen before us

  1. Grats on your Oregorger Kill! We wiped on him several times the first night we were in Foundry, and we moved on to other bosses with more success. Unfortunately, we haven’t been back to Oregorger, but we cleared the bosses we had previously downed last night, so hopefully that opens an opportunity to join you this week in taking him out. :)

    Where will your raid head next this week?

    • Actually, I have no idea. Gruul went down fairly easily for us, and then we went back and forth on Oregorger and Beastlord. We haven’t tried any other boss, and there hasn’t been a ton of discussion. I think Hans’gar and Franzok are likely though!

      Good luck getting Oregorger down!

  2. Thanks, and good luck with Hans and Franz. It’s a fun fight; the conveyor belt mechanic is cool. As long as tanks call out when they get picked up and everyone watches the ground for plates / stampers, you’ll down him fairly easily.

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