5 comments on “Iron Juggernaut destroyed

  1. About the only thing we ever had trouble with on Iron Juggernaut was our severely under geared warrior tank getting globaled (650k health at the time of our first kill) and not having the timing down for Shield Barrier meant the tank healer (me) being reduced to Wrath of the Lich King style heal spam on a single target. Tank damage is pretty spikey.

    Otherwise, yup, Iron Juggernaut is a nice rest between the add-frenzy and burn phase that is Galakras, and the general insanity that are the Dark Shaman.

  2. On normal, he’s much easier than the boss before him.

    On heroic, he’s much harder on the boss before him.


    Good luck on Shamans — do you know about the three tank strategy? Depending on how things go you may want to consider it.

    • I didn’t realize that about heroic mode. That’s interesting to know. I wonder why they plan it like that (or if it was planned). I’ve heard of the three tank strategy but never looked into it personally. We’re short people next week due to vacations though, so it might a month hiatus for our raid team. We’ll see.

      • The basic idea is that you separate the shamans — tank the female in the main city area and tank the male up by the gate heading to Nazgrim. You split the raid into two teams that each only has to deal with half the mechanics — which is how 90%+ of guilds do it on heroic. Need three tanks due to the debuff the male puts on the tanks.

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