7 comments on “Kor’kron Dark Shaman shamed

  1. Congrats! Dark Shaman are one hell of a wall in terms of boss difficulty. Nazgrim and Malkorok are relatively easy in comparison, but oh my gosh, you guys beat the fight the normal way with only two tanks. Well done!

    My 10N group cheats. We 3-tank the fight. So much easier, though one week our 3rd tank was out, so we had to beat them the normal way. That was a terrible wipefest for like 10 pulls before it clicked again.

    Stupid Dark Shaman.

    • It was our first night doing attempts on it, so I was very pleased. However, we’re planning on extending lockouts for the rest of the raid. I don’t know how well that’ll work, but we can always stop and do a full clear if we decide we need to do so. It looks like I won’t be seeing the Dark Shaman again for a while though!

    • Thanks! Now if only I could grab four piece, even from LFR just so I wouldn’t have to think about running it again! I think I need a slightly better OH before I switch to the new weapon, but I was pretty happy!

  2. If you have a 502+ Off-hand it’ll probably be worth it, but run it in MrRobot or something if you’re not sure. The spellpower upgrade is MASSIVE compared to the minor OH stats.

    • I use AMR extensively (and maybe I trust it too much honestly). It’s the reason I’m still willing to run LFR – if it claims there’s a minor upgrade there, there must be! But yeah, it says my two-handed is still better until I upgrade the MH. I should be able to do that by raid time tonight, I hope. Trying Nazgrim for the first time tonight.

      • Well, yeah, until you upgrade the MH it’s 2 ilvls lower than the staff! You were originally talking about the off-hand, not the lack of upgrading the main hand.

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